General Description: The Reroof America Canvasser will act as a representative for the company in a fashion that is in line with our culture at all times. He/she will prospect, market, generate appointments and communicate with the team members of Reroof America as needed to best service our market.

Training Period:
  • The Canvassers training period will be for the first 2 weeks of engagement with Reroof America.
  • Reroof America reserves the right during the first 30 days to end their relationship with the subcontractor for any reason.
  • The first week of training will focus on in house training and practice.
  • Week 2 of training will focus on the field and applying what you have learned in the real world.
  • During the first 2 weeks quota is not enforced but it is encouraged
  • After the first 2 days you should be able to get out on your own and start generating appointments
  • You must be an entity or a sole proprietor by 120 days
  • Any Verifiable Appointments during training will be paid at a rate of $40

Canvasser Requirements:
  • Must be neat and clean in Reroof America uniform when working with Reroof America clients
  • Must be professional and in line with the Reroof America company culture when working with Reroof America clients
  • Must provide personal transportation
  • Must be on time for appointments with prospective or current clients of Reroof America
  • Must communicate clearly and timely with Reroof America clients and Reroof America office and sales personnel
  • Must be a better listener than talker when working with Reroof America clients
  • Must continue to educate themselves in our industry regarding canvassing techniques, and appointment setting practices
  • Must familiarize themselves with the proper procedures when working with our CRM

Job Expectations:
  • Create a minimum of 20 NEW face to face contacts per week
  • Make a minimum of 100 Canvassing Calls per week
  • Generate at minimum 10 New Leads per week (Quota)
  • Strive to meet Expectations, Goals and beyond
  • Attend a monthly job review with management
  • If Quota is not met the subcontractor will be on probation for the following month
  • If Quota is not met for two consecutive months by the subcontractor they will be released from the Reroof America team.

Tools, Marketing, and Training Provided by Reroof America:
  • Tools - Canvassing App and Appointment Tracking
  • Marketing - Various Flyers and Door Hangers
  • Training - full canvassing and presentation training through Reroof America
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